Danima Engineering

Environmental Engineering


Danima was founded in 1957, begin the first company of the DANIEL ALONSO GROUP.
We design, development, manufacture and marketing specialized equipment for military, environmental and industrial purposes.
Our activities are carried out in Spain, Asturias, Avilés, in 25.000 m2 facilities in an outstanding place near Avilés Port, in a new Business Industrial Park (P.E.P.A.) with all the necessary services available.

We develop, additionally to our standard products, customized equipment and products adapted to our customers and market´s needs. Manufacturing and assembly is carried out by highly qualified staff, always under the highest quality standards. All our equipment is patented and approved. Our quality surveys rank Danima products with a very high degree of satisfaction.

1957- 2023

66 years of experience


DANIMA,  with the intention of products improving and focused on the customer satisfaction, provides the following services:


Focused on development practical and innovative solutions for waste, military and civil transport, events and industrial solutions, in order to quickly respond to the industrial activities changes. 


Danima is involved in each project development, helping to minimize costs. We guarantee the highest quality by adopting the highest quality standards in all our manufacturing processes.


We understand that the purchase decision is made by the client and we must satisfy  customer´s needs through their activity knowledgement, media, social and economic situations, etc., providing solutions to your needs at any time.

Aftes Sales Service

More than 50 years of experience guarantee the duralibity of our equipment. Constant availability of equipment and quick response for material replacement and  repairs, avoiding future surprises in management costs.

Danima AmarilloAll departments and procedures are focused on our clients, who are a fundamental INTERESTED PART of our activity, trying to satisfy their expectations and needs. 

Customers are a fundamental part in the development of our activity, we align our customers´s objectives to ours.  

Did you know that, when you buy Danima equipment, you are reducing your company´s costs?

Companies use to evaluate the bids by price but it is necessary to spend some time to value postsales costs such as maintenance, breakdowns, failures, etc. These are also a part of the cost of the purchase. 

Danima has a network of workshops that perfectly know our equipment, offering a quick response.


Our top customers include: Ministry of Defence, Government Agencies, Regional and Local Administration, , Service companies (URBASER, FCC, VALORIZA, FERROVIAL, UTE RENFE-COPASA, ACCIONA, etc.)

  • Ministerio de Defensa
  • Acciona
  • Ferrovial
  • FCC
  • CNH Industrial
  • Bizkaia
  • Iveco
  • Urbaser
  • OTAN
  • Scania
  • Renault
  • Volvo
  • Asyota
  • Sogama
  • Toysal
  • mar
  • Grupo JPG
  • SDLE
  • Repuestos Menéndez