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Bi-compartment equipment specially designed for the collection of papel&carton and packaging in IGLU containers.
The equipment includes a 20 m3 compactor container with 2 separated compartments, 60% of the volume for paper & carton and 40% for packaging, with a 7 m3 hopper and a pusher with 34 Tn compaction strength.
Ejector plate available in each compartment in order to ensure the unloading.
A crane is required for the IGLU containers handle.

Two models available:

    - Model RCS.2C.20 with Tipping Equipment

    - Model RCS.2C.20.DRL to be handled by DANROLL hookloader

  • RCS.2C.20 / RCS.2C.20.DRL Compactor collector 2 Compartiments Selective Collection Iglu Containers

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