1 Compartment with side loading

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1 Compartment with side loading

The equipment includes a compactor container with differente capacities (14-16-20-22 m³) , with a 7 m3 hopper and a pusher with 34 Tn compaction strength. 

The recommended vehicle will be a 6x2/4, with short cabin and a distance between 1st and 2nd axle between 4750mm and 5100mm (if vertical exhaust, 200 mm to be added)

Highlight the versatility comparing to those existing on the market, with two loading functions

1.-  Side loader/elevator, equipped with hydraulic comb and bucket arms, able to handle DIN 30700/EN840 containers, with capacities between 120 and 1100 liters.

2.- Crane, IGLU containers.
These 2 possibilities within the same vehicle, makes dispensable the truck specifically dedicated to the conventional collection with rear cargo.

Two models available:

    - Model RCS.CL20 with Tipping Equipment

    - Model RCS.CL20.DRL to be handled by DANROLL hookloader

  • RCS.CL.20 / RCS.CL20.DRL Equipment for the selective collection
  • 1 compartment
  • for IGLU containers and side loader for DIN 30700/EN840 containers
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