2 Compartiments with side loading

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2 Compartiments with side loading

Equipment designed for selective collection:
     - Paper and packaging (blue and yellow container)
     - Organic and rest (brown and green container)

Highlights the vesatility comparing to those existing on the market, with two loading functions:

1. Side loader/elevator, equipped with hydraulic comb and bucket arms, able to handle DIN 30700/EN840 containers, with capacities between 120 and 1100 liters.
2. Crane, IGLU containers.
These 2 posibilities within the same vehicle, makes dispensable the truck specifically dedicated to the conventional collection with rear cargo.

Two models available:
   - Model RCS.2CCL.20 with Tipping Equipment
   - Model RCS.2CCL.20.DRL to be handled by DANROLL hookloader

  • RCS.2CCL.20 / RCS.2CCL20.DRL Compactor collector
  • 2 compartments
  • Selective Collection
  • Iglu containers ans side loader for DIN 30700/EN840 containers

Information 2 Compartiments with side loading

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